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JIS DC53 Cold Work Tool Steel

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DC53 cold work tool steel, DC53 tool steel, DC53 alloy steel

Alloy Structural Steel, Alloy Tool Steel, Carbon Structural Steel, Carbon Tool Steel, Bearing Steel, Spring Steel ,Stainless Steel, Refractory Steel, Roll Steel, Pinion Steel. Additionally, the company also has the capacity to forge round steel, steel flat, square steel, module, shaft and roller


  • Quick Details

    1: DC53 steel introduction
        DC53 steel is a new type of cold working die steel modified SKD11, and its technical specification is listed in Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) G4404. It overcomes the weakness of high temperature tempering hardness and toughness of SKD11, and will replace SKD11 in the field of general purpose and precision die. The toughness of DC53 is twice that of SKD11. The toughness of DC53 is more prominent in cold working die steel. The tool made of DC53 seldom has cracks and cracks, which greatly improves the service life. The DC53 tool steel has a uniform distribution of fine carbides. It has great galling and wear and fatigue resistance. It has also a High temper resistance to support PVD & nitride surface treatments. And it has Machining and grinding properties are superior to most other tool steels.


    2: DC53 Steel equivalent
    Country China Japan Germany USA UK
    Standard GB/T JIS G4404 DIN ASTM BS

    3: DC53 steel chemical composition
    Grade C Mn P S Si Cr Mo
    DC53 1.00 0.35 0.002 0.003 1.00 8.00 2.00

    4: DC53 steel mechanical properties

        The mechanical properties mainly include tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, area or reduction, hardness, impact value, non-metalic inclusion etc. Different heat treatment, the mechanical properties will be different, such as normalized, tempered, QT. If you want to know the properties, kindly contact the salesman.


    5: DC53 steel overviews
    Size Round Dia 6-1200mm
    Plate/Flat/Block Thickness
    Process EAF+LF+VD+Forged+Heat treatment(optional)
    Heat treatment Normalized ; Annealed ; Quenched ; Tempered
    Surface condition Black; Peeled; Polished; Machined; Grinded; Turned; Milled
    Delivery condition Forged; Hot rolled; Cold drawn
    Test Tensile strength, Yield strength, elongation, area of reduction, impact value, hardness, grain size, ultrasonic test, US inspection, magnetic particle testing, etc. 
    Payment terms T/T;L/C;/Money gram/ Paypal
    Trade terms FOB; CIF; C&F; etc..
    Packing Standard Packages, or as Customers Request
    Delivery time 30-45 days
    Application  DC53 is used for precision stamping die (wire cutting precision punching die and punching die for various purposes), tools for plastic deformation of difficult-to-machine materials, die for cold forging, deep drawing and thread rolling, blanking die, cold forming die, cold drawing die, forming roll, punch.

    6: Heat Treatment

        Slowly and uniformly Heat the DC53 tool steel  to 700°C (1292°F),then rapidly heat the DC53 steel to 900-1040°C(1652-1904°F). After forging slowly cool down.
        Normal D53C annealing condition delivery,  hardness 255HB MAX. When finished the DC53 Steel tool, then can heat treatment to appropriate hardness.
        Heat slowly the DC53 tool steel to 850°C(1562°F), Soak thoroughly at the temperature. the brought up to 1030°C(1886°F)oil quenching or air cool.
        Commonly performed DC53 Tempering is in a high Vacuum controlled convection furnace. The temper is perfect after Hardening.  conducted as soon as the part can be hand at about 45° C (120° F) to 65° C (150° F).  by High temperature tempering and hardening, hardness tool steel DC53 can reached 65 HRC MAX. common application ,we advice the Hardness no higher than 62HRC.

    Heat Treatment
        The DC53 Tool steel heat treatment process can be broken down into 4 segments, Hardening (quench) & Tempering.Annealing & Normalized.

    7: Delivery condition
        For hot forged or hot rolled bar, usually the delivery condition is hot forged or rolled, annealed, rough turned.
        For hot forged plate, usually the delivery condition is hot forged, annealed, milled surface.

        For hot rolled plate, usually the delivery condition is hot rolled, annealed, black surface.